Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Space-Based Games in Libraries

Presentation Slides

Background Information:
Orientation Games:
Lyco Dog Mystery
Lyco Map Game
  • Broussard, M.J.S. (2016). The Lyco Map Game: A blended approach to teaching campus history. In M. Gregor and S. Rice (Eds.), E-learning and the academic library: Essays on innovative initiatives (pp. 25-38). Jefferson, NC: McFarland.
Secret Agents
  • Broussard, M. J. S. (2010). Secret agents in the library: Integrating virtual and physical games in a small academic library. College and Undergraduate Libraries, 17(1), 20-30.
  • Jack, E., & McMichael, J. (2014). In the library with the candlestick: Adapting Clue for the special collections library. In Kirsch, B. A. (Ed.) Games in libraries: Essays on using play to connect and instruct. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Co.
  • Smith, A. L., & Baker, L.A. (2011). Getting a clue: Creating student detectives and dragon slayers in your library. Reference Services Review, 39(4), 628-642.
Blood on the Stacks
  • Donald, J. (2008). The 'Blood on the Stacks' ARG: Immersive marketing meets library new student orientation. In A. Harris, & S. E. Rice (Eds.), Gaming in academic libraries: Collections, marketing, and information literacy (pp. 189-211). Chicago: Association of College and Research Libraries.
Amazing Library Race

Outreach Games:
Harry Potter Night
  • Broussard, M. J. S. (2013). No muggles in the library tonight! Harry Potter Night at an academic library. Library Trends, 61(4), 814-824.
Also at Lycoming College, but not described in the literature:
Hide & Seek
Easter Egg Hunt
Bowling in the Stacks
Mystery Night
Humans vs. Zombies
  • Olin, J. R. (2012). Socializing with the undead: Humans vs. zombies & learning the library. Presentation and paper at LOEX 2012, Columbus, OH.
Dewey Dare
Find the Future
  • Hohmann, R. (2011, April 1). Jane McGonigal and NYPL present Find the Future: The Game.
Additional Resources:

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